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Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

"Changing lives one case at a time"

Mayra Rodriguez-Alvarez

Our Core values

We practice what we preach. 

Our Story 

The Law Office of Mayra Rodriguez-Alvarez is predicated on its passionate service to its clients 

Indeed, our law firm provides legal representation, but we predicate our work through passion. All of us here at The Law Office of Mayra Rodriguez-Alvarez work tirelessly only because we care about our clients receiving the equitable treatment they deserve. 

The immigration process can be complicated to navigate, but we provide the guidance from start to end. We concentrate on ensuring that our clients our listened to and understood. You are a real person with a real story. 

Our very own founding attorney, Mayra Rodriguez-Alvarez, is the embodiment of these words. She has her very own personal experience with immigration. She knows firsthand how frustrating it can be to collaborate with immigration attorney's that are untimely, unknowledgeable, and unresponsive. Thus, she fuels her drive and office on executing timely, knowledgeable, and responsive values onto each client's immigration needs. 

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Discuss Your Case With An Experienced Immigration Attorney

Our founding attorney, Mayra Rodriguez-Alvarez and our legal experts, will provide you with the absolute best attention and services for your immigration needs. We believe in having an enduring passion for immigrants, their families, employers, and businesses. We work to change the lives of people, one case at a time. 

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