Hiring a qualified lawyer to represent you does cost money. After all, they had to invest a great deal of money into their education in order to get to the point where they can represent you! However, your money should definitely be going toward certain benefits to you, including:

  •       Up-to-date knowledge and research regarding immigration and residency law
  •       Willingness to listen and understand the layers of your specific case
  •       Dedication to identifying the solution that is right for you both short- and long-term (hint: they are not always the same)

Immigration law is agency law, which means it is much more like tax law than criminal law. This is partly why many immigration lawyers’ services come with huge price tags. However, most immigration lawyers do not necessarily stay up to date on the laws regulating their own agency the same way that, for example, an accountant is expected to. There are constant changes in this field. You must have a lawyer willing and demonstrably able to keep up with development on a day-to-day basis. That is why we have a dedicated research professional, Elizabeth Navarro [link to team member page], working in our office keeping daily tabs on the changes and developments that affect your situation directly and personally.

Although every case is different, there is often a simple (and completely avoidable) reason that people applying for green cards end up in legal trouble. Here is the catch: If you entered the country in such a way that you violated certain immigration laws, you might need to get a waiver before you get your green card. For example, sometimes things are very hectic on the national border. When this happens, people enter the country believing they have handled their side of things correctly and are clear to go. Then, later, it turns out their inspection was not recorded or not conducted correctly and, as a result, they are in violation of U.S. immigration law.

This is not the end of the world, but you must work with your attorney to resolve it correctly!

Waivers are complicated and client-specific. Furthermore, everything in immigration operates with some degree of discretion. Working with educated, competent representation will optimize your chances of not only securing that waiver but getting a green card and, ultimately, even citizenship.

We use the term client-based to describe our relationship with our clients to differentiate our boutique law firm from larger firms that employ a “cookie-cutter” approach to immigration law. Every immigration story is unique, and every client deserves to have a client-based strategy developed for their unique situation, not a template-based strategy that may or may not end in success. My firm is unique because I have been in your shoes every step of the way. I know what it takes to approach immigration effectively to get the results you deserve while also doing everything possible to protect you and your family during this stressful time.

At my firm, our goal is for you to become a U.S. citizen so that you can vote, travel freely, and enjoy the many rights that come with U.S. citizenship. While a green card is an important achievement, you will have more regulations governing how, when, and for how long you travel, whether or not you can vote, and whether or not your family members can stay in the country with you. We believe citizenship is the best route if you want to keep your family together and even petition for other family members in the future. That is why U.S. citizenship is my goal for every client.

We absolutely want to know your real story. It is the key to successfully resolving your case permanently! Many of my clients tell me they were afraid to disclose the details of their immigration story to a “cookie-cutter” lawyer because they feared those details might end up derailing their case. Let me tell you plainly: I have heard it all and I have nothing but sympathy and empathy for every immigration story. If you have immigration violations or a past criminal history, it is imperative you disclose this information not so that I can refuse to work with you (as happens with “big” law firms in many cases) but so I can fight for you. Immigration law is an emotionally charged topic for the people engaged in it. We are dedicated to helping you feel comfortable and fighting for you on your side.

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