Mayra's Story

Why I Became an Attorney

I became an attorney because I saw the desperate need for an immigration attorney in our area of Indiana firsthand when my husband was working through his U.S. residency. At that time, I was a successful, full-time sales associate, so my husband and I sought expert help from some of the biggest names in the Chicago area. What we discovered, however, was that those “big names” came with big bills and very little heart. We experienced a stunning lack of compassion for our situation and, even worse, a lack of timely, accurate information and service when it came to helping my husband work out his residency and become a legally documented resident of the United States.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve this community in the areas of family based petitions, removal defense and all other immigration matters since 2015. I understand that you are not a “cookie” to be fitted into some sort of cookie-cutter solution. You are a real person with a real story just like my husband and I will work tirelessly to help you find the solutions you need.


Mayra Rodriguez Alvarez
Immigration Attorney

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